The Novels

The Unlikely Savior

U.S. Air Force sergeant Johnnie Carter awakens bloody and disoriented in the middle of the Nevada desert. A total stranger swears Johnnie miraculously appeared and saved her sick baby’s life. All Johnnie wants is get back to her life, but instead, she is propelled into an unstoppable chain of events teeming with apparent miracles, all of which seem to center around her. As she encounters an eclectic cast of characters ranging from circus workers and unspeakable criminals to space shuttle astronauts and the U.S. president, the unlikely savior appears to be on a rapid course to save the country, if not mankind. And in the process…she just might save herself.

Billet-Doux from a Dead Prisoner

Billy Stass died a violent death in prison at a young age. A year after his death, letters begin arriving in the mail, supposedly written by him and causing disruption in the lives of family and friends he left behind. Are the letters from Billy or is the source even more mysterious than a long-dead prisoner? And what do they mean? Billet-Doux from a Dead Prisoner is second book of the Unlikely Savior Trilogy. Offering the same page-turning intrigue, Billet-Doux incorporates characters from the first novel and introduces a host of new ones, just as real and beloved as those in The Unlikely Savior. And like Part I, the story’s mysterious force will affect more than the characters; the outcome will impact the nation, if not the world.

Finding the Window

It looks and feels like the end of the world.  Everyone wants to blame it on an enemy, but what if there isn’t one?  What if the blame can be cast no further than the face of humanity? The mysteries of The Unlikely Savior and Billet-Doux from a Dead Prisoner explode into an apocalyptic setting in this, the third installment of the Unlikely Savior Trilogy.  Lose yourself in intrigue as children with a cryptic connection navigate a world only they understand; a world felt, but not seen.  It’s only a matter of finding the window. Finding the Window, Part III of the Unlikely Savior Trilogy, will off the press and in your hands in early 2020.

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