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After serving the military all over the country and globe, I recently settled down at a rustic and remote place in the mountains of North Idaho with my husband, Mike. My writing studio is an old converted RV, on a hill, right off an unpaved logging road. Our version of paradise!

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I invite you to read my blog, a new series, randomly chronicling my less than normal childhood…dysfunctional, with a twist. Most importantly, please check out my novels, the Unlikely Savior Trilogy, and the most recent work, SKinKneader. If you like them, stay tuned! On my mountain, I will create world after world, from my mind to my keyboard and into your hands.

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Hi. I am introducing myself first person, since, in my opinion, it’s pretty hokey when the biography is in third person; after all, if a writer can’t write her own bio, why would you read her novels? So, here we are and welcome to my world. I am someone who always wanted to write books, since I was a child, in fact. I love reading and love words, but I also love life; thus, I took long detours before sitting down to pen my first novel. My journey included a nearly thirty-year military career, marriage, family, earning a master’s degree in psychology, and all the stuff that goes with said adventures. It took me longer than planned to get to this, the best part of my life; but the trip here armed me with experiences and perspectives that I hope make your reading well worth your time. After all, your time is one of your most valuable resources, and when you give that to me, I hope to return your gift tenfold.

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